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Set up in October of the year 1994,Shanghai Asian Development International Transportation Pudong Co.,Ltd. (briefly called ADP) now has more than 2000 employees with an annual operational income at a value of 2.82 billion yuan RMB by the year of 2008 and has been ranked the place of 17th among the top 100 Chinese freight forwarders.

ADP offers comprehensive freight forwarding both on imports and cexports via air and sea. The services are included Shipping Agency, Chartering/brokerage, B/L Issuace, Customs/CIQ, Inland Transport, Warehousing/Distibution, Bonded/FTZ Logistics, Buy-Consol,Private Articles Moving, Exhibition Logistics, Cargo Insurance, Combined Transport and Industrial Project Logistics. With the nationwide coverage of support by more than 50 self-owned branches and offices in China and the global network of partnership, ADP is providing the customers both at home and abroad One-Stop Service and Global Supply Chain Management.
For the past 10 years,ADP has extended logistics services to Chian Three Gorges Water Power Plant, by which it has trained a group of professionals.In the recent years ADP has also undertaken a good number of industial project logistics covering the projects of engineering, auto and parts logistics, communications and energy, chemical and hazardous, IC/IT logistics, E-commerce/logistics and global hub/distribution centre which are highly comprehensive and professional. ...


Land transportation Installation Logistics for Automobiles Logistics Service for IKEA


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